Seya Stove Review

If you want the latest ultralight, adjustable, easy to operate stove on the market, look elsewhere.

The original SVEA 123 (far right) has reputation that cannot be argued. My intention for purchasing this stove is just because I wanted one. If I go backpacking I will take a lighter easier to manage stove. On motorcycle camping trips I will take a more versatile stove. On a truck camping trips I will take a larger dual burner stove.

A word of advice, read the instructions and watch several instructional videos BEFORE trying to operate this stove. It's not dangerous or unsafe but for some the lighting procedure might be a bit intimidating.

It's really loud once it gets going and on mine with only an hour or so of run time, there seems to be only two positions on the adjustability low and high without much in between.

I have heard the originals simmer better because the self-cleaning function is not built in.

The included pot is almost useless but it does serve as an excellent cover.

The zinc burned off the pot holders almost immediately so eventually they will rust. I'm going to fashion some new potholders out of stainless rod to fix that issue.

Do yourself a favor and get a very small carabiner to secure the key\tool to the chain, trying to thread that key though the windscreen can be tedious if the stove is warm.

Always remove the key from the stove while it is in operation!

I love the look, and the original definitely earned its reputation as a classic, we'll see if the import can stand the test of time.