1979 Mercedes_Benz 300D W123

Ok so I got a bit impatient.

I have been looking for a diesel Mercedes for a while now.

So long in fact I bought a 560 SEC to try and cure the want.

The SEC is a great car but I still wanted an old W123 or W126 diesel.

I found one locally and jumped on it as being a local car eliminated a lot of the logistical issues in buying a used car.

I looked for signs of rust and other mechanical issues so I bought it.

Once I had it home I started taking a closer look.

Once upon a time someone had tried to convert an old W123 into a modern car.

There were so many left over gadgets including but not limited to backup proximity sensor, GPS location sensor, front and rear cameras, Sirius radio, dvd player with multimedia control console, burglar alarms, amps, sub woofers, and enough wiring to fill up a 5 gallon bucket.

It was a mess. The ALPINE unit to control all this equipment was gone and I was not going to replace it so OUT is had to come.

It is amazing what I've found in a used cars but this was over the top.

I've also "discovered" it has an electronic control unit for the climate control. I'm assuming that does not work because only the heat function works.

It's a maroon 1979 300D (probably not a stock color as I'm thinking the car was originally brown) with 289,000 miles. The interior looks 41 years old but still functions. I had to stiffen the driver's seat springs with some block to level the seat ride height.

Like I said no radio and the sunroof only opens part way but it's a cool looking ride and drives pretty decent.

I'm probably gonna try some 15" wheels on it at some point but I'm got to sort out some things.

Headlight / high beam issues, license plate lights, radio, and a USB plug to charge my phone.

I will post some more pics once I get it washed and cleaned up a bit.